Stolen Camera

So my car was broken into while Devyn and I were enjoying the sun on the shore of Lake Washington at Magnuson Park this morning. They took a bunch of our stuff including my 3 month old camera. Therefore, all that’s left for photographing is my iPhone. Fortunately, that camera is pretty good, but I’m really sad about losing my camera.

Theft Sucks.

On a more positive note, Devyn had a really nice time at the park. This was the first time she’s been to such a large dog park. We went early this morning so there wouldn’t be too many dogs. Still, there were a number of them, and Devyn was pretty shy. She kept stopping when she saw the crowd of people and dogs ahead of us, so we never made it to the other side of the dog area. She’ll get there, I have no doubt. Instead, we drove to the other side of the park and went to a little clearing by the water. She waded around for quite a while. She sure likes to play in the water. Next step is to get her further out and swimming!

Currently, she stays pretty close to shore.

She also rather enjoys sitting on land basking in the sun…looking adorable of course.


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