Camera replaced!

I replaced my camera, so we’re back in action! Devyn is very excited about it. 🙂

It’s been a nice few weeks with beautiful weather and Devyn is getting more and more comfortable with the city. She’s gotten much more comfortable in our house, too. She’s convinced herself she runs the place. She can jump up on our bed without any kind of step stool, so there’s no keeping her off her new-found favorite spot. Never mind the fact that she has an entire closet just for her.

Corgi Lair

Behold, The Corgi Lair.

The cats are very much enjoying Devyn’s company and boundless amounts of hyper energy. They just treasure the moments of being hunted down by the awkward, giant-eared ball of orange fluff.

Pest Cat

It’s really only given Lester an excuse to be even more of a little pest.

Devyn has some big days ahead of her. Starting Friday, we’re taking Devyn on her first road trip! We’re heading to the northwestern-most part of the country (contiguous states) and giving her a chance to discover all new kinds of adventure! She may not be able to go everywhere with us (this country needs to change its laws on dogs in national parks), but she’ll also get to experience her first ever doggie day care!

Devyn’s birthday was yesterday- she’s now 1 year old!! Because we were both working, Jake and I have postponed her birthday celebration until tomorrow. Pictures to follow!


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