Devyn Loves Sequim!


After a very long drive to Sequim (it’s not supposed to be a very long drive, we just happened to take the very long way…), we finally arrived at the house we were staying in. It was so quaint!

Devyn loved the big yard the most. Despite how tired she was from the trip, she ran around that yard and rolled around for a very long time. She fully approved…


On Saturday, we went to Hurricane Ridge in the Olympic National Park. Unfortunately, dogs aren’t allowed in national parks, so Devyn had to stay in the car. We had a nice hike along the ridge, and Devyn had a nice nap in the car. But, she is allowed in the parking lots, and while Jake and Michelle hiked along a second ridge, I stayed with her and let her wander around the area.

She’s a good lookout dog.

At the top!

At the end of the day, Devyn was very sleepy.


Another day of Devyn hanging out in the car because dogs aren’t allowed on beaches either. These rules need to be changed… Anyway, she still had a whole lot of time to play around in the yard. There was a neighborhood Chocolate Lab that seemed to rule the surrounding houses. He came to our house several times during the week to say hello. Devyn found him quite curious…and didn’t really understand his compulsive need to chase and retrieve a racquetball.

Being that there aren’t any pesty bugs like mosquitos in this part of Washington, we left all the doors open for most of the time while we were at the house, and Devyn could not be kept inside. She loved playing in the yard, rolling and digging in the dirt, and watching the neighbor’s horses from a safe distance. I was so happy to see her so smiley!

And also very dirty…she finds digging for no apparent reason to be a nice pastime.

Monday and Tuesday

On Monday afternoon, Devyn was introduced to the world of doggie day cares. A woman in Sequim who runs a kennel at her home took Devyn on Monday night until Wednesday morning. On Tuesday, we all (minus Devyn) went to Friday Harbor in the San Juan Islands and kayaked around the Salish Sea. It was a fabulous day, but Devyn was missed.

Though, the seals looked an awful lot like puppies, and it made me feel better.


Devyn was VERY happy to see us when we picked her up on Wednesday. She practically turned herself inside out with wiggles. She did, however, appear to be very comfortable around all the other dogs. She had been pretty spooked when I first took her there. About 12 other dogs were in the kennels and she was overwhelmed. However, she sure seemed to be getting along really well with them when we picked her up.

Anica and I spent the day on Wednesday hanging around the house, so Devyn got to be outside for much of the day. We left on Thursday morning, so I was glad to give her the time outside.


Unfortunately, our week of adventure and fun had to end. After days of exploring and traveling and enjoying the beautiful weather, we were all pretty spent, and none more than Devyn. The week was fantastic and we all had TONS of fun!


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