Marymoor Dog Park

Our exploration of the area’s dog parks continues with checking out Marymoor Park on Lake Sammamish in Redmond.

We stopped at Snoqualmie Falls first just to visit. Devyn wasn’t all too impressed.

Devyn at Snoqualmie Falls

Not even paying attention.

After that, we walked around the very large off-leach area at Marymoor Park. Very nice park, and huge!! Devyn had a lot of fun…though she’s beginning to discover that she’s not much of a water dog.



After swimming around (and loving it…obviously…), Devyn romped around and got nice and dirty.

Muddy Puppy.


Wet, Fuzzy, Corgi Butt!

After all of this excitement and activity, Devyn was very, very sleepy.

Out like a light.

Note how she’s not dirty anymore. Corgis are self-cleaning.


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