Early Morning Play Time

Devyn got an early start on her busy day of playing at Plymouth Pillars Dog Park this morning. An adorable pit bull was there and boy, did she ever want to play! It took Devyn a little while to figure out how to play with a dog quite a bit larger than her, but as soon as she realized that she was just as feisty and possibly even faster than the pit bull, she was all for it.

The official “play stance.”

The other day at Marymoor, Devyn seemed pretty wary of anyone bigger than a medium sized dog, but considering the pit bull was the only one in the park this morning, and she wasn’t going to let Devyn get away with not playing, Devyn didn’t have much of a choice 🙂


They’re way into their game.

And, being the corgi that she is, she stepped up and got right into it. She gave the pit bull a good run for her money, too. Corgis have a knack for making up for their short legs by being able to do math. When chasing after another moving thing, corgis can calculate the hypotenuse of the triangle (where the corgi is/where the other object is/where the other object is going) and take the shortest route. (Seriously, if you don’t believe it, check this out). Pretty smart pup!


Half Time.


Of course, all that thinking, calculating, and playing takes a toll, and Devyn needs a break after a while.


Game On.

But that didn’t last for long. This pit bull was trying to win the “who has more energy” competition, and I believe she succeeded.


All played out (for now).

The two of them played for a good half hour until they both seemed to have had enough. We’ve seen this pup at this park before, so Devyn’s hoping she gets to see her new friend again soon!


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