Adventures on Little Si

For Devyn’s first mountaineering experience, we decided to climb Little Si – the mini mountain next to Mount Si. It’s a 4-star, 5 mile trip to the top with an elevation gain of 1,139 feet. It’s a beautiful climb and quite a challenge if you’re still new to the hiking world like Devyn is!

Merrily trotting along.

It took about an hour and a half to get to the top, and it gets a little tricky! Lots of rocks and roots and jumps in the trail. Devyn was quite tired by the time she got to the summit.

And very thirsty.

We took a short break at the top to take in the view and get some food and water. We learned that Devyn doesn’t like dirty food and would only take a milk bone from our hands, not off the ground. Snob.

Jake decided to do a little exploring. Devyn felt the need to supervise.

After recovering for a while, we started to make our descent. Devyn was quite amusing to watch going down – corgi butts are just irresistible! She sure got her second wind from resting on the top. She discovered her love for exploring off-trail. She takes after me in that manner :-).

“Why can’t we just go my way for once?”

In one of her off-trail adventures, she discovered the joys of squirrel hunting. It’s like the ultimate automatic squeak toy – and she’d really like to get her teeth on one of them. Sadly, the squirrels kept getting the best of her and proved their superior tree-climbing abilities.

Poor Devyn.

We finally made it to the bottom, and Devyn had a great nap on the way home. She’d better get her stamina ready to go for much longer- we’re planning on climbing the real Mount Si soon!!! That’s 8 miles instead of 5 and double the elevation gain. Lots of climbing for a little dog!

Next climb: Mount Si – that big summit way up there!


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