Fun at Discovery Park

Devyn got to see Discovery Park in Seattle for the first time (and so did I, for that matter). It was just a quick visit, and Devyn was still sleepy from our trip up Little Si, but we explored for a little while. Devyn decided she liked it and would like to go back and spend more time there.

Discovery Park is quite big (bigger than I thought), and extremely pretty. The park is, in fact, the largest park in Seattle, located on the northwest side of the neighborhood of Magnolia.

Look at that view!

We walked all the way down to the beach, and Devyn would have liked very much for the water to be fresh instead of salty. She was very tired from the long walk.

Not a fan.

She tried to play in the water, but the surf freaked her out a little too much.

Being chased by water is terrifying to a dog with short legs.

An ever-so-helpful Great Dane thought she would try to make Devyn feel more comfortable with the surf by chasing her into it. Devyn didn’t find it so helpful.

For the record, this Great Dane (her name is Rogue) is only 7 months old.

All in all, though the tour was short (and we kept getting lost – Devyn needs to improve her tracking abilities), Devyn sure enjoyed the outdoor time.

She would really like to stay outside playing 100% of the time.

Next time we’ll make sure we have most of the day to have even more fun around Discovery Park.


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