Devyn the International Corgi!

Being spontaneous like we are, Jake and I decided to go to Canada for the day. It’s only 140 miles/about 3 hours from Seattle, and, well, why not? We both had the day off and nothing to do (or at least, no motivation to be productive), so we finally went across the border. Cool, eh?
We made sure to have our passports and Devyn’s proof of rabies vaccination papers, and off we went! The process of getting in to Canada is, as I expected, nice and pleasant (I can’t say the same for coming back into the States.

Devyn could hardly contain her excitement.

Devyn’s favorite place in all of Canada thus far is Stanley Park – a 404.9 hectare/1,001 acre (1 hectare=2.47 acres, in case you were wondering) park on the Northwest edge of Vancouver – huge park (in comparison, Central Park in NYC is 843 acres) full of recreation; biking, walking, swimming, sightseeing, sports, and ROWING (giant boathouse in the park- I’m very jealous).

Devyn thought the best part of the park was being allowed to be on the beach (it’s technically illegal to have dogs on any beach in Washington…)

She would much rather being chasing the crows than posing for a picture.

We wandered the park for a bit longer, drove around Vancouver, and left Devyn in the car so we could get lunch (BORED corgi!) and then we headed to our last stop before going home, Granville Island. Unfortunately, most of it was closed by the time we got there, but it looks like a great place to visit when things are open. We stayed long enough to look around and take Devyn out for a bit. While walking around, Devyn came upon a gaggle of geese, and discovered that she REALLY likes chasing geese. If only she could have escaped from her leash and chased them forever!


We’re looking forward to bringing Devyn to Ewe-topia soon to let her chase even more geese around.
Though it was a short trip through Vancouver, we thoroughly enjoyed our adventure to another country! Devyn is very excited to return. And find more of those Canadian geese!

More please!


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