Devyn Loving Plymouth Pillars Park

Devyn’s getting very comfortable living in Seattle. For a dog who was scared of every passing car and jolted whenever anything made sudden moves, she sure has become one outgoing pup. She’s decided that our nearby dog park, Plymouth Pillars, is officially her own, and she gets to run it how she sees fit (her motto is PLAY PLAY PLAY).

The morning started off with a corgi’s worst nightmare: DELAYED GRATIFICATION. Some modifications of the dog park were being completed (to make it better for the dogs, mind you). However, Devyn didn’t know the reason- just that she had to wait.




After a torturous 30 minutes, Devyn was allowed to run free- and she had company. Our pit bull friend was also impatiently waiting to enter the dog park, and once they were allowed in… well, just take a look:


Never a dull day at the dog park.


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