A Day in the Life of Devyn the Corgi

Granted, I have the day off, so not every day is like this (unfortunately for Devyn):

The morning began with a trip to the dog park, of course. Over the course of the half hour that we were there, about a dozen dogs came through. Devyn had a lot of fun and spent a good chunk of the time running around like a crazy dog. 

After the dog park, we went to the Hiram M. Chittenden locks to see the salmon (LOTS of salmon going through the fish ladder  this time of year). Devyn wasn’t too interested in fish.

Though she did make a fine attempt at trying to figure out what I was getting so excited about.

After sitting around waiting for me to be done gawking at the dozens of fish swimming around the locks, Devyn and I went back home for a nap (actually, Devyn got the nap, I did chores). The nap was short-lived, however, and then came the worst part of the day: bath time. We’ve discovered that Devyn will probably need baths about twice a month with the amount of running around in dog parks and rolling around in grass that she does. Therefore, we got some doggie shampoo and conditioner so we can bathe her at home whenever we need. Devyn thinks this is a fantastic idea.

You can just see the joy in her eyes.

Lester decided to get in on the bath fun, mostly just to sit on the sidelines and laugh at the misfortunes that come with being a dog.

Devyn did not appreciate Lester’s input on the situation.

When the torture was over, Devyn tried as quickly as possible to remove any remnants of the traumatic experience. This included running and rolling around like crazy to dry herself.

“Get it off!!!”

The reward for Devyn’s ordeal was well worth the agony. We got Devyn a piece of beef bone filled with marrow (eww.). It was frozen and very raw, so we put down some blankets and towels, which also aided in the drying process.


After Devyn was satisfyingly satiated, Jake and I took Devyn to experience something new: tennis. I figured she’d be very confused as to why we are running around seemingly senselessly. I thought she might chase after the balls, and I hoped to teach her to retrieve the balls for us (how convenient that would be!). However, either because she wrote us off as crazy as soon as she figured out what we were up to, or maybe just because she was worn out from the day’s activities, Devyn showed no interest in our sport.

She did, however, very much enjoy wandering around the court chewing on sticks and leaves and whatever else she deemed worthy.

Finally, we returned home for dinner and relaxing. Devyn always likes this part.

Devyn helped herself to her toy basket as her pick of evening relaxation activity.

All in all, a pretty good day. Devyn approves. If only everyday were like this one.


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