Devyn at Play – In Slow Motion

Devyn’s latest favorite game to play with other dogs is Steal Away. The opposite of Keep Away, she purposefully chases a ball along side another dog, but lets the opponent actually get the ball. The goal at that point is to get it away from the other pup. It ensures quite a tussle, as well as the full attention of the other player. Chasing is usually involved, giving both dogs a good run around the park (which is every owner’s objective when bringing them to parks- wear them out so they won’t be bored when we’re at work).


Devyn and this Husky have gotten pretty good at this game. Whenever this Husky is at the park, Devyn immediately goes for a ball and hopes for a toss from a human to get the game started. She confuses other dog owners because they think she wants the ball and, oh, the poor little dog just can’t seem to get the ball from the bigger, bullying dog. Poor girl, the owner thinks, I must throw this ball right to her so she may definitely get it first. Nice intention, but wasted on a smart little Corgi like Devyn. All she wants is to provoke another dog to join her in her new game. Smart girl, that Devyn.

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