Devyn the Corgi meets Teddy the Corgi

Devyn needs a bath, so what’s the best thing to do before bath time? Get super dirty! We took Devyn to Magnuson Park this morning and figured we’d let her run herself filthy and exhausted. It worked.

Magnuson is a HUGE park and most people walk the mile distance to get to the Lake Washington waterfront. The majority of dogs and their people are found on the path or on the beach. As we walked toward the water, I reminisced about that time, not too long ago, when Devyn walked down that same path and bolted in the opposite direction whenever she saw a grouping of dogs, terrified they would all eat her. Now she runs around like she owns the park and rules the world. Typical Corgi.

We made our way to the waterfront and, sure enough, a plethora of pooches awaited. Upon first glance, my immediate attention went to this little guy:

Great Dane Puppy! Three months old and by far the MOST awkward little pup I’ve ever had the pleasure of coming across!

Great and Baby Dane

Standing next to a full-grown Dane.

Devyn went to do every wading-only dogs’ duty: eat all of the water to get it out of the way of chasing the other dogs. Sadly, she couldn’t quite get rid of all the water, so she decided to chase the dogs on land instead.

Shortly after our arrival, an adorable little Corgi named Teddy sauntered smugly into the water area. There is an immediate attraction amongst Corgis; whenever two or more Corgis are present, they must stick together as much as possible to maximize the cuteness factor. Teddy and Devyn, fully aware of this rule, chased each other around the park to delight everyone in sight.

Corgis come in a wide variety of shapes, sizes and colors. No two Corgis are alike. Devyn and Teddy, however, are the most similar looking Corgis I’ve ever seen at the same time. They look like their related! Teddy’s owner said that she got her little guy in Olympia and we got Devyn from central Washington, so the likelihood is slim. Still, look at them!

Which one is which? Can you tell?

Considering Jake and I could barely keep tell them apart when they were streaking across the beach, it’s acceptable if you can’t tell either.

Twin Corgis

Long lost twin?

These two little devils had a blast while we shared Corgi stories with Teddy’s mom. If you’ve never had a conversation with a Corgi person about Corgis, you can’t truly appreciate the special nature of such people. I can admit I’m pretty nuts when it comes to these short-legged fluffy butts!

I’m pretty sure there is no more than one paw on the ground in this picture.

A few non-Corgis tried to get in on the action, but the two elitists wouldn’t let that happen. Poor, unworthy dogs.

Very confusing for those unaware of the Corgi Clique

Finally, it was time to leave, and Teddy and Devyn got to walk back to the park entrance together. They enjoyed confusing their humans, trying to get them to call the wrong dog because they look so similar.

Two Corgi Butts is Better Than One!

It’s like looking in a mirror.

Body Check!

Does this even look real?

Sadly, Teddy and Devyn had to part ways, but we all hope to see each other again soon! Now, time for a bath…

She LOVES baths!


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