Devyn, Finny, and Odin the Corgis

After getting chased around Plymouth Pillars by a very rambunctious chihuahua, Devyn was pretty tuckered out. That is, until some other Corgis joined the crowd.

Rambunctious Chihuahua.

Odin, Finny, Devyn.

Finny belongs to my boyfriend’s dad, Herb. Finny has DM (degenerative myelopathy) and it’s pretty advanced, so he spends the majority of his time in a wheelchair and goes on “walks” in the little red wagon, chauffeured by his dad.

Odin is the big guy. He’s one year and five months old and a real sweetheart. He and Devyn had a very nice time chasing each other around, looking adorable of course. Finny enjoyed voicing his opinion about their antics.

Picture Courtesy of Billy Shih.

Such a pretty pup.

I later found out that Odin’s owner, Billy is an app designer and recently created an iPhone app called “Corgi Fetch“, dedicated to Odin and all of the wonderful Corgis out there, along with their devoted fans. With this app, you can view countless Corgi pictures, sure to fill anyone’s face with a giant smile. Billy has included in-app purchases and 10% of all purchases go to CorgiAid, Inc., a wonderful non-profit organization which provides financial assistance to Corgis of all kinds. Definitely a worthy cause!

I always love meeting new Corgis in the Capitol Hill neighborhood where we live and it was so great to meet both Odin and Billy! Devyn is very excited to play with Odin again.

Til next time, Odin!


One response to “Devyn, Finny, and Odin the Corgis

  1. Hope Devyn, Finny and Odin all get to play with one another again. Love the video of her running up and down the hall haha.

    Thank you so much for sharing your photos of Odin and also sharing Corgi Fetch too!

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