Devyn the Grandcorgi

My mom came to visit last week, and Devyn had a blast meeting her for the first time and getting to play with her. My parents are the reason I became such a Corgi addict. My family adopted Rianna when I was in middle school. She’s a tri-color and now around 10 years old. I spent every moment I could with Rianna when I was living at home and she taught me a lot about what it means to be a Corgi caretaker and all about training in general. She’s also the most play-oriented pup I’ve ever met. Her way of greeting someone when they walk in the door is to bring them a ball and look desperate until she succeeds in getting a toss.

This is Rianna. With a ball. Her usual state of existence.

My mom had come to Seattle in 1962 for the World’s Fair: The Century 21 Exposition. She was 7 years old. Effectively, this was her first real visit to Seattle. We did the grand tour, including the Space Needle, a drive up to Snoqualmie Falls, watching the Packer game at a bar (they won!), and of course, visiting as many dog parks as we could. Mom was pretty amazed at the amount of amazing dog parks we have here and how dog friendly this whole city is. Back home in Wisconsin, they appreciate pups, but not like Seattle’s adoration for their furry counterparts.

Look, the Space Needle!

Of course we went to Plymouth Pillars several times, and Mom got to see Devyn in her favorite role – reigning over the park as queen and observing the goings on in her park (obviously).

All Hail Devyn.

We all went on a mini hike to Franklin Falls in the Snoqualmie Pass area. It just so happened to be intermittently sunny which provided some great rainbows!

Of course, we’ve already proven that Devyn is the Most Beautiful Corgi in the Whole World, but take a look at some of the other captured moments in the same place (also found here).

We stopped at Jose Rizal Off Leash Area where Devyn met someone with quite a lot of spunk. That pup chased Devyn around that park for some time.

Whoa now.

Then again, Devyn can defend herself just fine, thank you.

All of the visiting made Devyn very sleepy, but she sure enjoyed her time with her Corgi Grandma! She (and I) can’t wait until she can visit again!

Play hard, sleep soundly.


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