Devyn the Naughty Corgi

I know, it’s hard to imagine that a Corgi can be imperfect, but I have to break it to you, it’s true. Devyn has had her moments, and let me tell you, she’s proud of every single one of them.


2 responses to “Devyn the Naughty Corgi

  1. Well you are wrong about one thing. Slobbery feather earrings are going to be all the rage. Sort of a retro, vintage, distressed, hippy, vibe. The feathers were a real loss. Also, I am heartbroken about Grover. Sesame Street hats are almost sacred. Little Miss Pudgy Paws would never ever be such a bad Corgi. 🙂 Snerk, snerk, snerk. 🙂
    Rebecca & LMPP

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