Devyn the Corgi Keepin’ Busy

Apologies for being absent for so long, the days are getting shorter and rainier, and we’ve been getting busier. Free time is spent off the computer and out with Devyn.

We’ve been taking advantage of any days off that are sunny/clear to get outside. The other day, we all went to Coal Creek Falls for a little walk. This was the first hike we took Devyn on after we got her (which was the next day), and this time, I decided to take a comparison picture:

July 10, 2012

October 29, 2012

She likes hiking.

Other than the occasional hike when the weather is nice,  Devyn has been keeping plenty busy coming up with ways to keep from getting too bored staying indoors. We probably won’t have time to start agility with her until after the holidays, so until then, we come up with other ways of exerting energy. From playing with fellow apartment puppies to learning how to properly walk on a leash, chewing on ridiculously large bones and making homemade doggie meals, I think Devyn has nothing to complain about.

A bone that’s bigger than her two front legs combined…

…and it’s stripped and chewed down within an hour.

Devyn is really enjoying my new-found fondness of cooking dog meals.


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