Devyn the Snow-Loving Corgi

The fun thing about living in Seattle is that we don’t have to deal with a lot of snow…unless we want to. Yes, “snowmageddon” might happen for 4 whole days every year, but coming from a place where it snows 5 months out of the year, I can’t complain. However, when we’re in the mood to have a snowball fight or play Subaru, we can drive just 60 miles out of the city and be at the summit of Snoqualmie Pass – and in several feet of snow. The snow starts early, so we can get our fix long before snow has given Seattle even the slightest consideration.

Jake and I decided it was time to take Devyn to play in snow. I’m sure she’s seen snow in the past, but we’ve never seen her see snow, so we were very curious to see how she reacted to it. Turns out, she’s CRAZY about it!



2 responses to “Devyn the Snow-Loving Corgi

  1. The photograph of Devyn at the lake is breathtaking. It is much more than snapshot. To me, it seems to be an art type of thing. Not that I have ANY expertise. I don’t recognize or understand 99% of ‘art’. But this one evokes emotion. Really beautiful. LMPP and I applaud. (Which is not easy with them pudgy and fuzzy and six inch leggie-paws.). Rebecca & LMPP

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