Devyn Visits Tulip Country!


Photo by Jake Cihla

The Skagit Valley Tulip Festival is in full bloom! This charming part of Washington State explodes in color during the month of April, and Devyn fully enjoyed taking in all the fresh spring smells! The valley is dotted with bright bursts of color as various farms in the region dedicate large fields to tulips. Seeing large blocks of red, yellow, pink, etc! in the distance as you drive is quite a sight to see.

The festival officially ends April 30th, but even when the tulips are past their prime, the farmers do a great job of keeping the fields worthy of the trip.


Photo by Jake Cihla


3 responses to “Devyn Visits Tulip Country!

  1. Devyn the Corgi, you are so privileged to see such beauty, walk with a bit of spring in your step, you do show panache as well. Have a favorite color of tulip? I find it hard to decide, I think I like sunset pinky coral.

  2. Linz, you should contact either the state or Seattle tourism department and offer Devyn’s services for adverisement

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