Devyn’s Fetching Faces

Devyn may not enjoy swimming, but she is sure willing to dunk her whole head under water for a stick!

I am constantly amazed at the wonder that is Washington’s wilderness, and the Boulder River Trail is an ideal example. This short hike takes you through old growth forests (after a brief stint in old logging country) high above the Boulder River with only its roar to give away its presence. After a short mile of mostly flat terrain, a spectacular waterfall comes into view. An easy trail allows you to go down to the water’s edge across the river from the waterfall, allowing for a perfect spot for Devyn to play fetch. The trail does continue if you prefer the 8.6 mile roundtrip, but the two mile version was perfectly sufficient for us. What a hike! The North Cascades region has a LOT of amazing hikes and I can’t wait to bring Devyn on as many hikes as we can!


Though the Washington Trails Association claims this falls is unnamed, this beautiful 259-foot waterfall is called Feature Show Falls, one of the most popular waterfalls in the North Cascades.


One response to “Devyn’s Fetching Faces

  1. Devyn, I missed this episode of your adventures before today, I am not great at swimming, but I also hate putting my face in the water, so good for you. I might do the same, but not for a stick, more like my ring. Looks like a wonderful place to frolic.

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