Devyn Turns 2!!!!


Happy Birthday, Devyn!


Devyn turns 2 years old today! She’s changed so much in the last 1 year and 27 days since we took her home with us.

Look how scrawny she was!

Look how scrawny she was!


…but she has always been an absolute beauty!

Baby Devyn

and who could resist Baby Devyn?

Devyn is a big girl now, all grown up. We’re going to take her herding later today and she’s got a cupcake that she’s very excited to gulp down as well. More pictures coming! Happy birthday, Devyn, may the rest of our years together be as exciting as this one!!


3 responses to “Devyn Turns 2!!!!

  1. My momma says that you and I could be twins! Have you heard of any of the Corgi Events/gatherings in the Seattle area for this month?! We are planning on going! Hope to see you there!!! I don’t normally say “hey go check out my blog” from a comment, but we wrote about the events coming up in our latest post!
    -Gwendolyn Rose

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