Devyn [and Cal] the Corgi[s]!


Callahan the Corgi

Devyn’s new brother!


I first learned about Cal on April 24th when I read a post on the Official Facebook Page about a 9(ish)-year-old corgi who had some behavioral issues and needed a home. As someone who follows many corgi sites and works with dogs everyday, I see my fair share of dogs and corgis who need a new home. Yet, somehow this one was different. Given the situation he was in, it was clear he just needed a different environment and an even bossier corgi-sister who would show him the way corgis are supposed behave.

After talking with various family members and the dog trainer at work, Jake and I made the crazy decision to go fetch him and bring him home with us. At the time, his name was Basta.

(Photo by Basta's previous parents)

How could anyone resist this handsome face? (Photo by Cal’s previous parents)

(Photo by Basta's previous parents)

(Photo by Cal’s previous parents)

So on May 4th, Jake and I began the 1600 mile round trip to Ukiah, CA to go get him. We made the drive there and back in 3 days. He was a total champ. He just slept in the car, and when we stayed at a hotel on the drive home, he hopped right on the bed to snuggle with us.

Cal LOVES to snuggle

Cal LOVES to snuggle

We decided shortly after returning home to rename Basta. He now goes by Callahan – or just Cal, for short.

Over the last 2 months or so, we’ve gotten to know Cal and all of his quirks. He’s not entirely confident around other dogs, so sometimes he reacts strangely; mostly on leash, and usually just snapping in their general direction, making no contact. However, he’s been around many dogs in various environments over these last few months and he does great. Slowly but surely, he’s gaining the confidence to actually play with dogs.

2014-July-17-5D Mark III-9419Edit

He’s a very happy little guy.

Our Miss Princess Devyn, Only Child, and Queen of the Household, was not so sure about this other corgi invading her home and people. She’s been a good sport about the whole thing, but she has certainly established who is boss in this relationship. Devyn and Cal have gotten in a few tiffs, but nothing they didn’t walk away from, each assuming total innocence. I think Devyn secretly likes her new big brother, but she won’t admit it just yet. Still, we hold out hope that these two will be best buds.

We're giving them plenty of time.

We’re giving them plenty of time.


We’re SO happy to have Cal in our lives. He’s such a sweet and cuddly love bug, and he’s won the hearts of all who have met him.

2014-July-23-5D Mark III-9767-1Edit

More on Cal coming soon! Stayed tuned!


One response to “Devyn [and Cal] the Corgi[s]!

  1. An exciting time, new corgi buddy boy Cal for corgi princess girl.Devyn…like siblings of the human kind, they will learn to get along!! Love the pictures, and hearing about the trip to bring him home. Maybe we will get to meet them sometime! Blessings to you all!

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