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Just a little update for everyone: as you may or may not know, Cal has a chronic dry eye issue. Long ago, Cal injured a nerve in his mouth which was connected to the [insert medical terminology here] which provides moisture for tear production in his left eye as well as gives moisture to his left nostril. Because of this, his left eye doesn’t produce tears and and he has been struggling with this for as long as we’ve had him. As best as we can, we keep his eye moist by putting artificial tears in his eye 5-10 times a day, and several times now we have gotten him an ointment for infections; since he doesn’t produce any tears in that eye, he is prone to infections. As you can imagine, this is incredibly irritating, if not painful for the poor buddy. He itches at his eye and rolls on the carpet to try and give himself some relief, but it never lasts. If you have ever scratched your eye or had a fuzz you couldn’t get out of it, you know how much this can really affect you, and this is Cal’s life all the time.

I took Cal to the doggie ophthalmologist (because that is a thing) for another check up and he told us what we already pretty much knew – his eye isn’t going to get better, it’s only going to continue to cause him irritation and pain. Most likely, he has very little if any vision in that eye, but it gets worse as time goes on and the eye deteriorates further. The doc told us if it were his dog, he’d get his eye removed ASAP. After talking it over, Jake and I decided we would follow the doc’s advice and have Cal’s eye removed. We’re hoping this takes away this constant and incessant annoyance out of his life. He is such a happy guy and we really think this will make him so much happier!

As much as we love our two-eyed guy, we believe this is the best thing we can do for him. He’s scheduled for surgery first thing Wednesday morning (which is also my birthday, oddly enough) and we’re expecting him to be in the cone of shame (the “comfy cone” of shame, to be specific) for about two weeks. After that, he should be as good as new, but even better!

We’d love it if you would keep Cal in your thoughts – surgery is hard on an older dog, but we trust our vets and know they’ll do a great job! I’ll give an update on Mr. Buddy as soon as possible. Please let me know if you have any questions.

Coming up next – our new and improved one-eyed Cal!



2 responses to “Wink!

  1. I definitely will be thinking good thoughts, and offering a little prayer, for Devyn. I think he will be way cool when all is settled down….I can just see him bragging about his new sophisticated good looks! Love you guys, GloriGrammaGee

  2. Cal will be in my thoughts and prayers now through Wednesday. As a contact lens wearer I know how frustrating and irritating it is when your eye(s) are dry. And to live with that irritation everyday has to be hard on the little guy. I’m sure your vet will give you a great birthday present when you hear that Cal is out of surgery and doing fine. I’ll be watching for THAT post especially!

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