About Devyn

Baby Devyn 3

Devyn’s AKC name is Merit Sax in the City. Her dad is an American-Canadian named CH* Merit’s Heartfelt Thanks (aka Liam) and her mom is an Italian named CH* Dragonjoy New Girl in Town (aka Wendy). Liam was the best of opposite sex at Westminster 2 years ago. Wendy is an import from a very well known kennel in Italy.

Devyn's father, Liam. Photo credit: N/A

Devyn’s father, Liam.
Photo credit: N/A

Devyn is a red and white corgi, weighs 25 pounds and is about 2.5′ long and about 1′ tall. She’s grown to be quite a big girl since we got her, but fortunately her ears will probably always be disproportionately big (which is SO CUTE).


Devyn has always been somewhat skittish (we call it cautious or aloof), but she’s warming up to the idea of strangers being synonymous with petting, love, and treats. She’s insanely smart and sometimes I’m sure she outsmarts Jake and I and hides it with that adorable face. Devyn’s favorite things in the world are liver treats, dog parks, beaches, running around like a crazy dog (especially after baths), chasing cats, and giving high fives. Lester and Wylie, our two orange tabby cats, have come to appreciate Devyn; Wylie loves to hold his ground and hiss and meow at Devyn to get her to back off (it works) and Lester secretly loves playing with Devyn, though the way he complains about it sounds like Devyn is torturing him. Devyn is a wonderful herding dog. Birds, cats (yes, she herds Lester), dogs, squirrels, sheep, you name it. We go to Ewe-topia in Roy, WA to take herding lessons and everyone is impressed with her natural talent (yes, I’m bragging).



Devyn is the most wonderful addition to our little family and she makes my life amazing.




*CH = champion show dog



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