Pup Protector

Because of today’s constant distractions while driving such as cell phones, hit and run accidents are becoming more and more prevalent. One man took his own experience which had left him nearly paralyzed and turned it into a product he hopes will prevent this from happening to other dogs and their owners.  These stylish leashes and collars are lit with powerful LEDs that can easily be seen 150 yards away. The durable material is both comfortable to hold and easy to clean, making them perfect for pooches and people who love the outdoors! Tip: When you check out the website, make sure to check out the video. Informative, creative and adorable!




Ruffwear’s The Beacon

This little gem is a small yet very bright clip on light that attaches to a collar or leash to make Devyn visible when we’re out at night. During the long winter nights, this is a must have. Three settings on The Beacon allow you to choose between a slow flash, fast flash, or constant illumination. The light can also hang on a collar’s D-ring if you so prefer.

Safety light

Like any good Corgi, Devyn sheds A LOT. To help control her shedding, we use our trusty FURminator. The stainless steel teeth go way down to remove the undercoat, which during spring is a BIG help. The “FURejector” button on the top kicks out the fur from the teeth and makes clean up nice and simple. And since fur tends to get everywhere, I’ve also used the FURminator on carpets and clothes to get fur off and it works like magic. Cats like it too!

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