KONG Dog Toy

Of course most people know about the KONG, but it really is a great toy to keep pups busy. I like to fill Devyn’s with some treats and top it off with peanut butter so it’s challenging to get. You can buy edible paste made by KONG in different flavors if you prefer, but I find peanut butter to be cheaper and works just fine. KONG also makes a variety of different toys in various shapes to keep dogs interested. They’re considered to be indestructible, which is a very good thing for strong chewers.

KONG Classic

Photo: KONG Classic

Devyn loves to chew a wide variety of bones, but this is by far her favorite. Pressed rawhide comes in different shapes and sizes, but Devyn prefers the ring. I get my Artvark pressed rawhides at Devyn’s favorite pet store, Mud Bay, but they can be found in various pet stores around the country.  For the veracious chewer, it lasts longer than regular rawhide bones, and Devyn actually comes back to this one, unlike most bones that she chews on for a while and then considers it boring.
Pressed Rawhide


Devyn gets bored with food. She’s not super food oriented, and since she’s so active, I try to keep her interested in food so she eats enough (not a common problem for Corgis!). Besides feeding her different kinds of foods, we’ve collected some wonderful foraging toys that make eating a game. These toys are also great for dogs who eat really fast as it slows them down by making them figure out how to get to the food. Foraging toys give more opportunities to work a dog’s mind!

Kong Wobbler Food Dispensing Dog Toy

If you think the KONG is a magical toy all dogs should have (which they are), you’ll adore this wonderful foraging toy. It reminds me of those Weebles toys for kids that wobble but don’t fall down. This toy has a large space to put a meal’s worth of food and a small hole to let out only one or two kibbles at a time. Dogs have to figure out how to knock it in just the right way that a kibble falls out – like magic! Unlike most foraging toys, this one stays interesting because it’s unpredictable. The KONG moves in different ways every time it gets knocked around, making it a constant challenge for pups that get bored easily or are too smart (like Devyn). Devyn has figured out that if she picks it up by hooking a tooth in the hole and then throws it on the ground, several kibbles fall out and she can reap her rewards for being so smart!

Kyjen Star Spinner Puzzle Toy 

Kyjen makes a wonderful assortment of foraging and other toys that keep dogs active and engaged (their motto). This star spinner foraging toy has two levels with 5 small chambers each to place little bits of food. Dogs have to figure out how to spin each level to expose the food. On the bottom of the star, you can change the resistance to make it harder or easier to spin the levels, which makes this a great toy for dogs of all sizes (and muzzle strengths).

The treat wheel is similar to the star spinner in that it holds food in its eight different chambers. Four of the chambers are exposed at a time and the dog has to spin the top part to get to the other four. In this game, however, the dog must figure out how to remove the yellow pieces in order to get to the first four and then spin the top to get to the rest.
Wheel Game

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